FRX row format, MDA codes should allow me to use wild card charac.

FRX row format, MDA codes should allow me to use wild card characters, such 
as 11-1100-00,[Group.CODE???]
3/13/2005 5:51:05 AM
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When using MDA Group and/or MDA Code within FRX you must explicitly enter
the code IN FULL
Use of wildcards is not supported, nor permitted.

You will have to list each Code individually as you illustrate in your
second line.


"Raja V" <> wrote in message
> FRX row format, MDA codes should allow me to use wild card characters,
> as 11-1100-00,[Group.CODE???]
> 11-1100-00,[Group.CODE001]+11-1100-00,[Group.CODE002]
> --
> Regards,
> Raja

3/14/2005 7:31:43 AM

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