FRX drill-down error


My setup:
	GP version 10
	FRX version 6.7 

When I try to "drill-down" into an FRX report I get an "Error 5:  Invalid 
procedure call error..."

I have checked around online and found a number of potential resolutions 
which have all failed.

The solutions I have tried have to do with:
        Making sure column heading "ranges" are valid.
        Fiscal period setup correctly
and a couple others.

Currently my version 10 setup is in a test environment.  The report in 
question runs without any errors in production using GP version 8 and FRX 6.7.

Anyway..if anyone has any suggestion as to how I can resolve this it will be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

8/12/2009 3:45:01 PM
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