Fix the 1099 MISC process so it works with all boxes available

the 1099 Misc form/reporting is designed to report many things.  Great Plains 
should fix its system so it allows for completion of the 1099 misc form as 
directed in the instructions.  One vendor may have multiple payments that 
need to be reported in a 1099 misc form, ex Rent box 1, Royalty box 2, 
nonemployee compensation box 7.  The instructions for form 1099 misc gives an 
example of machine rental with operator: machine in box 1 operator in box 7.  
  I don't see this as an enhancement to your program.  I see this as making 
your program work, otherwise you should quit saying you have 1099 misc 

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Jim8980 (510)
10/20/2005 8:36:04 PM
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