eConnect - Timesheet Import

We've been importing Timesheets from an external system into GP via
eConnect for the last few months and it's been working fine.  However
we've recently decided to change the Unit of Measure that we're using
when specifying times (basically so that we can use a daily rate
rather than hourly rate in the rate table).  When I enter a timesheet
manually in the system, I select the alternative UoM and it all works
fine.  However when I import data using eConnect the process does not
pick up the newly specified UoM (the PAUnitOfMeasure field in
timesheetline).  There are no errors in eConnect, it's simply not
picking up the specified UoM but using the default instead.  Does
anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?  Thanks.
3/13/2008 8:38:43 AM
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