eConnect question #3

When integrating inventory items via eConnect, is it possible to assign the 
item to all existing sites?
Tony6013 (248)
2/7/2007 10:45:02 PM
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Yes you can do that - by building your own code in the 
taUpdateCreateItemRcdPost procedure - I added the following code and now when 
I pass one item all of the sites of I have set up are now inserted into the 
IV00102 table.  I just did a quick test and it seemed to work out fine.  Here 
is the simple code you would add to the post procedure.  I hope this is what 
you are looking for - I built this on 9.x (hopefully it pastes in here okay).

Code to insert:

insert into IV00102
IncludeAllocations,IncludeBackorders,IncludeRequisitions,PICKTICKETITEMOPT )
'',			/* BINNMBR */
2,			/* RCRDTYPE */
'',			/* PRIMVNDR */
0,			/* ITMFRFLG */
0,			/* BGNGQTY */
0,			/* LSORDQTY */
0,			/* LRCPTQTY */
'',			/* LSTORDDT */
'',			/* LSORDVND */
'',			/* LSRCPTDT */
0,			/* QTYRQSTN */
0,			/* QTYONORD */
0,			/* QTYBKORD */
0,			/* QTY_Drop_Shipped */
0,			/* QTYINUSE */
0,			/* QTYINSVC */
0,			/* QTYRTRND */
0,			/* QTYDMGED */
0,			/* QTYONHND */
0,			/* ATYALLOC */
0,			/* QTYCOMTD */
0,			/* QTYSOLD */
'',			/* NXTCNTDT */
'',			/* NXTCNTTM */
'',			/* LSTCNTDT */
'',			/* LSTCNTTM */
'',			/* Landed_Cost_Group_ID */
'',			/* BUYERID */
'',			/* PLANNERID */
1,			/* ORDERPOLICY */
0,			/* FXDORDRQTY */
0,			/* ORDRPNTQTY */
1,			/* NMBROFDYS */
0,			/* MNMMORDRQTY */
0,			/* MXMMORDRQTY */
0,			/* PRCHSNGLDTM */
0,			/* AUTOCHKATP */
0,			/* PLNFNLPAB */
0,			/* ORDRUPTOLVL */
0,			/* SFTYSTCKQTY */
'',			/* PORECEIPTBIN */
'',			/* PORETRNBIN */
'',			/* SORETURNBIN */
'',			/* BOMRCPTBIN */
'',			/* MORECEIPTBIN */
1,			/* ReplenishmentLevel */
1,			/* POPOrderMethod */
'',			/* MasterLocationCode */
1,			/* POPVendorSelection */
1,			/* POPPricingSelection */
0,			/* PurchasePrice */
1,			/* IncludeAllocations */
1,			/* IncludeBackorders */
1,			/* IncludeRequisitions */
from IV40700 a
not exists
(select * from IV00102 x



PS..If there are any other tables you want to hit you could obviously add 
that code and those tables in after this sample code I provided you.

"tony" wrote:

> When integrating inventory items via eConnect, is it possible to assign the 
> item to all existing sites?
jg (155)
2/8/2007 8:11:01 PM

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