Crystal Reports, GP 6.0, PSQL.2000i

I'm having trouble with the ODBC connection connecting to Crystal
Reports. Does anyone have any suggestions. I've tried to connect, but
fI am getting a micro kernel error. When I add the dsn user, and then
hit the test button - I get success. But then I can't connect to the
server? Any help would be appreciated. I'm ready to uninstall

Also, now when I go into Access, it gives me an ODBC error.



I did find an article regarding PSQL.2000i

Pervasive.SQL 2000 does not provide a mechanism to enable/disable
OEM-ANSI conversion inside the DSN configuration, nor does it install
a translation DLL to perform this task. This differs in functionality
from Pervasive.SQL v7.0. 

Copy the translation DLL, W32BTXLT.DLL, from Pervasive.SQL v7.0 to any
directory in the current PATH on the client machine. It may be copied
to the SYSTEM directory on Win95/98 or SYSTEM32 on NT. After a
successful connection to a Pervasive.SQL 2000 data source, the
application must make the following ODBC call:

$db->SetConnectOption( $db->SQL_TRANSLATE_DLL, "W32BTXLT.DLL" ); 

This connect option must be set after every new connection is

SetConnectOption( $db->SQL_TRANSLATE_DLL, "W32BTXLT.DLL ); 

Any replies, does this, should this work?

Thanks in advance,

potato (23)
12/3/2004 3:16:28 AM
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