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Any help/ Documentation link on how to add the GP 9.0 database ( SQL
2000) to crystal reports.Using ODBC connection, it is asking for some
predefined @I_cCustomerNumber etc.



2/7/2007 8:29:39 AM
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Hi Asma,

I believe you downloaded our Dynamics Report Manager product. Was that able 
to help you out at all?

Therese R
Rockton Software

"Asma" wrote:

> Hi,
> Any help/ Documentation link on how to add the GP 9.0 database ( SQL
> 2000) to crystal reports.Using ODBC connection, it is asking for some
> predefined @I_cCustomerNumber etc.
> Thanks
> Asma
ThereseR (73)
2/17/2007 12:17:03 AM

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