Copy setup tables and changing functional currency

I have a Company database named PRIMARY where the Default currency is USD. 
The Company has 8 other currencies. I have a brand new Company database named 
SECONDARY and I want the Default currency to be VEB and not USD. I have read 
tech articles 872709  and 874208 on using DTS to get the setup data over to 
the new Company database. This is a 7.5 version of GP. I seem to have an 
issue with database triggers on the SECONDARY Company database after the DTS. 
Has anybody been through the process of creating a new Company database along 
with DTS of the setup tables and changed the functional currency at the same 
2/12/2006 9:28:26 PM
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Where can I find those tech atricles?

bobh815 (22)
2/13/2006 4:01:42 AM
Go to Customer source and do a search on the Knowledge base.

"Bob Harrison" wrote:

> Where can I find those tech atricles?
charlie (92)
2/13/2006 12:16:28 PM

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