Check Links in GP6.0

I'm new to a company that is running GP 6.0 and have not run Check Links for 
at least a year.  Before I run against the live database I'd like to restore 
to a test company and run the process.

My question is what kind of things should I do and look for to validate that 
the check links process was succesful.  What I fear is that we run the 
process and find days later that it messed something up and we have to try 
and recover.

Is there a checklist of things to look for?

Thanks for any help!


jdrut10 (57)
10/18/2005 4:51:57 AM
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If check links changes anything at all, it will indicate so in a report that 
is printed after the process is run.  Some of the messages are a little 
cryptic, but you can usually figure out what they mean and where to look at 
the data that was either changed or noted on the report.

I have used check links for many years, and have never actually had it do 
anything that would require a restore.  However, as a precaution, it is 
recommended that you make a backup before you run check links.  I like your 
idea of running it on a test company restored from your production database, 
because all users have to be out of the company you're running check links 
on and this will give you an idea of how long it will take and what it will 
try to fix.

Victoria Yudin
Microsoft MVP - Great Plains

"JDR" <> wrote in message 
> I'm new to a company that is running GP 6.0 and have not run Check Links 
> for at least a year.  Before I run against the live database I'd like to 
> restore to a test company and run the process.
> My question is what kind of things should I do and look for to validate 
> that the check links process was succesful.  What I fear is that we run 
> the process and find days later that it messed something up and we have to 
> try and recover.
> Is there a checklist of things to look for?
> Thanks for any help!
> Jeff...

victoria (3340)
10/18/2005 9:26:54 AM

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