Canadian Payroll #3

After applying the updates and new tax table for Canadian Payrool Integrated 
with Great Plains 8.0 on SQL...we appear to have lost a large amount of disk 

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this...and if MS has some 
kind of procedure to clean this up???

TamiFarrelly (100)
1/24/2006 3:44:02 PM
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Hi Tami,

I have done two complete updates myself, and have had  clients do
their own updates, and we have not noticed any untoward growth in any
of the databases. 

Other than the federal exemptions that did not update correctly, the
undocumented need to run the grant script after the update, and an
undocumented problem with stored procedures that required  us to
restore a backup, drop and recreate the payroll stored procs and then
rerun the year-end, or  nothing untoward happened.  ;-)  Once we knew
about the stored procs problem, we advised everyone to drop and
recreate after the update but prior to running the year-end


On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:44:02 -0800, "Tami Farrelly"
<> wrote:

>After applying the updates and new tax table for Canadian Payrool Integrated 
>with Great Plains 8.0 on SQL...we appear to have lost a large amount of disk 
>I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this...and if MS has some 
>kind of procedure to clean this up???
no-one9822 (112)
1/24/2006 9:58:10 PM

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