Calc Field to list invoices paid by same check on one line of repo


I have a customer who wanted a check dump file to send to their bank.  Once 
the bank receives the file (in txt or tab delimited), they will use the 
infomration to actually print the checks for the customer.  (This is not a 
positive pay file situation.)  I was able to take one of the check forms and 
modify it to get all the data required by the bank.  I am running into a 
snafu with getting it down to one line per check with multiple invoices 
listed one one line.  It is listing the total check and one line per each 
invoice paid by the check:

Ck 2345 for $800.00 - pays invoices a123 $250.00; invoice b125 $250.00; 
invoice c134 - $300.00 

I am getting

Ck 2344 $800.00  Invoice a123 $250.00
Ck 2344 $800.00  Invoice b125 $250.00
Ck 2344 $800.00  Invoice c134 $300.00

It needs to look like this all on one line.

ck 2344 $800.00  a123 $250.00, b125 $250.00, c134 $300.00

Is there a calucated field formula that can be used to for this situation?  
Or is there another report that I have not looked at that I can modify to 
yield the same results.  

6/28/2010 6:35:16 PM
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