Batch Status - Cheques Printing

We are getting the typical message about a batch being edited by
another user.  This is a check batch.  The status of that check batch
is "110", cheques printing.

I've looked at the DEX SESSIONs and and also looked at SY00800.  I
cleared all the locked sessions and I don't see the batch in SY00800.

I could, of course, set the MKDTOPST to 0 and the BCHSTTUS to 0; but
the checks have already printed.  I just want to post the check batch.

Any ideas?

What should the BCHSTTUS be after the checks have printed?


preyno8269 (26)
8/15/2008 8:09:32 PM
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well this is the list of available batch status codes

0    Available
1    Batch Posting
2    Batch being deleted
3    Batch receiving trx
4    Batch done posting
5    being printed
6    being updated
7    interrupted while posting
8    interrupted while printing
9    interrupted while updating
10  Rec batch errors / trx did not post
11  Sing batch error / trx did not post
15  Error while posting comp checks
20  interrupted while processing comp checks
25  interrupted while printing comp checks align
30  interrupted while printig comp checks
35  interrupted while printing comp checks align before reprint comp
40  interrupted while voiding checks
45  interrupted while reprinting checks
50  interrupted while proc remittance report
55  interrupted while proc remittance report align
60  interrupted while printing rem report
100 processing comp checks
105 Check align being printed before print checks
110 printing comp checks
115 check align being printed before reprint checks
120 voiding comp checks
125 reprint comp checks
130 remittance report
135 printing rem align form
140 printing rem form

here are the statuses but it all depends on the actual status
if the checks have been printed, but not posted (Not Processed)
or checks have been printed but posted (Processed)

Remember one thing is the print of checks and another different is
the post process of the checks

The process is edit a check batch, select the invoices to pay
then print the checks, post or process the checks

if something is wrong after printing the checks the system allows you
to cancel them before affecting the subledger and the gl, its not
why? i;ve seen a lot of people with continuous preprinted forms stuck
in the
printer and everything printed on 1 page actually one line.

So that's why its a 2 step, before posting you have the ability to
void the checks
reprint the checks or post the checks

Hope it helps
fhillyer (101)
8/16/2008 1:14:26 AM

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