Authentication and Migrating users to a new domain

Firstly, let me say that i've got zero experience with BP apart from being a 
The situation we have is:
Our BP users currently log onto an old NT4 domain. The BP administrator when 
adding accounts, selects the user by selecting the domain, then group, then 
the user.

The accounts are in the process of being migrated to an AD which has a 
different name as the nt4 domain. We are using SIDhistory and the SID from 
the nt4 account is appended to the AD account. The migrated accounts in BP do 
not work and the administrator has to manually delete the nt4 account, then 
add the account again by selecting the AD domain, group, user etc..

What i'd like to know is:
Is there a way to get these accounts in the other domain to work without 
manually deleting/recreating the accounts? (there is approx 150 of them) ?


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2/14/2007 5:30:02 AM
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