Ask 2 MSFT Experts About v8.0 Security

Hello all, 

Welcome to the first Business Solutions Community discussion held directly 
in the Microsoft Great Plains newsgroup. During the week of September 20th, 
Microsoft Escalation Engineer Kelly Youells and Microsoft Senior Development 
Consultant David Musgrave will answer your version 8.0 security questions 
directly in this newsgroup thread. 

How is this different than any other week in the newsgroup? While product 
experts like Kelly and David may frequent the newsgroup during their workweek 
to answer as many questions as they can, they don't necessarily *solicit* 
questions on a particular topic as we’re doing here. :) 

During this weeklong discussion, these two volunteer experts will each 
select 2-3 questions a day to respond to in this thread. Other experts and 
users online may also offer their advice here. At the end of the week, we 
hope to have a single thread that we can preserve for the benefit of other 
users in the future. 

Why are we doing a targeted newsgroup discussion like this? Because we want 
to give you a chance to voice your questions and concerns about this 
particular topic and get some concentrated help from two experts who feature 
prominently in the community. And since we've seen a lot of questions raised 
on Great Plains 8.0 security in this newsgroup, we figured it would be a good 
topic to start with. 

Here’s a little more background on our two expert hosts: 

Kelly has been an escalation engineer on the Microsoft Business Solutions 
environments technical support team for the past five years. She is based in 
Fargo, North Dakota, where she spends a majority of each workday helping 
customers troubleshoot product upgrade issues. You can read the version 8.0 
upgrade Q&A we did with her in July on this Web page: 

You may already know David from one of the nine Great Plains newsgroups he 
monitors. Based in Perth, Western Australia, David has been working as a 
Great Plains developer and consultant for 10 years (the past 3 with 
Microsoft). He is currently working with the MBS Services Asia Pacific team 
as a support engineer/consultant. He is the original author of Named 
Printers, Advanced Security, Field Level Security, and Business Activity 
Statement (for Australian GST), and he has made a number of contributions to 
the code in the core Great Plains Dictionary. 

In this discussion with Kelly and David, you may not get an immediate 
answer; it may take a day for them to respond. Throughout the week, they will 
check this thread and answer questions at a time that’s convenient for them. 
However, you should feel free to post your questions at any time. 

You may want to add this discussion to your Favorites list in Internet 
Explorer. (To do so, click Favorites; then click Add to Favorites.) Then you 
can check back later in the day, or the next day, to see if your question has 
been answered. You can click Refresh to see if any new posts have been added 
while you’ve been reading this thread. 

To post a question or reply in this discussion, follow these steps using the 
Web-based newsgroup reader: 

1. Click Reply. 
2. If prompted, sign in with your .NET Passport. 
3. Edit the subject line if you wish. 
4. In the Reply form, type your message or question in the Message box. 
5. Review the text that you typed in the Body box to make sure it says what 
you want; you cannot edit your message after you click Post. 
6. To receive e-mail notification when someone posts to this thread, select 
the Notify me of replies check box. 
7. Click Post. 

Feel free to use Outlook Express or another newsreader if you’re more 
comfortable doing so. 

Thanks for your participation in this discussion. This is our first time 
conducting a chat in the newsgroup and we welcome your feedback and your 
assistance. You can send comments to our Web team at the below e-mail 
address. In addition, we’ll archive a link to this and future newsgroup chats 
on the Business Solutions Community site. 

Best wishes, 

Michelle Goodman, Editor 
Business Solutions Community 
e-mail me at 

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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9/17/2004 6:59:05 PM
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