# of transactions does not equal

I would like to know...if this just applies to version 7...or version 8...or 
both...and  IF there is REALLY going to be a fix offered.

As per usual this is one of the many confusing technical articles I have 
access to through the maintenience plan.........

we are on Version 8 With the latest service pack...and are receiving this 
error when posting payables batches????

Updating to version 9...is not an option....


TechKnowledge Content 
Issue Summary:

Error Verifying Batch Total And Transactions In POP

Issue Detail:

Receiving two errors when trying to post or print an edit list of a shipment 
batch in POP. The errors are Actual batch total does not equal the control 
batch total and Actual transaction number does not equal the control 
transaction number. POP batches do not require the control totals for amounts 
or transactions. Here are the steps to recreate: 1. In Posting Setup, choose 
the Purchasing as the Series and All as the Origin. 2. Mark Verify Number of 
Trx and Verify Batch Amounts. 3. Save changes. 4. Choose Purchasing as the 
Series again and Receivings Trx Entry as the Origin. You will notice the 
field are not available but have check marks. 5. Enter a purchase order. 6. 
Enter a shipment receipt in a batch. 7. Print an edit list of the batch. 
Results: You receive the errors. Expected Results: You should not receive the 
errors. The batch does still post but the error message tells the user that 
you can not post it. I also tried this on 5.5 and 5.0 and they work fine.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is scheduled for release in the next version of the 

Scheduled for Release 7.0.

This article was TechKnowledge Document ID: 23085


• Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains Purchase Order Processing, when 
used with: 
    Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 8.0 

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