Worst case scenario with a cluster


We are a shop that tends to look after a large amount of smaller
scaled (~500 user) exchange servers.
We perform backups with a variety of methods, and have always had a
worst case scenario plan.  No matter what has happened with hardware,
we've always known we could drop a PC on its side and use last night's
backup to turn it into a temporary "server" (ableit, a very slow one)
while the real hardware is repaired.
I have asked this question in other forums so I need to make this
statement first.  Yes, the above IS possible, even though hardware is
totally different.  We test it regularly, not that we even need to as
a plague of hardware problems have led us to perform this with
production systems.

We have recently begun investigating clusters.  It does however cast
doubt on our fall back plan.  I know this should be far less likely
with a cluster, but consider cases such as the whole room going up in
flames, and the server needing to go back online that day.

If we recovered the base install, is there any ability to move the
exchange database out of the cluster managed resource, and onto a
local hard drive so it can be restored, even while the cluster
services are offline?
Can we convince the system that a single internal hard disk is a
shared resource and the cluster services should just start up and
assume the other node is ofline?
Any other way of doing this?
6/28/2004 10:01:23 AM
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