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Hello Everyone,

I have just received a request to find out the path an email sent by
our President took. She sent it out to everyone in the company and they
want to know what everyone did with that email. eg - forwared it
outside of the company or whatever....I have message tracking on and
have the logs I need but it doesn't give me an option to track by
subject. Only ID or sender....Ant suggestions would be appreciated.


10/17/2006 1:02:24 PM
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You could use logparser to query the message tracking logs based on the
message subject. Logparser is a cool tool from MS that is free to
download and use....

something along the lines of

logparser " select sender-address, recipient-address into file1.csv
from logfile.log where message-subject like'%text%' "

you'd need to play with that to make sure its format is correct but it
should work. If i search on a weeks worth of message tracking logs - i
use "from ex*.log" using the * wildcard.

Hope it helps - there may be a simpler way but off the top of my head
its all i could think of - aside from using ESM to query any mail that
routes through your internet connectors to the outside world?.? wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have just received a request to find out the path an email sent by
> our President took. She sent it out to everyone in the company and they
> want to know what everyone did with that email. eg - forwared it
> outside of the company or whatever....I have message tracking on and
> have the logs I need but it doesn't give me an option to track by
> subject. Only ID or sender....Ant suggestions would be appreciated.
> Chris

10/17/2006 1:43:21 PM

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