Tips for reducing users mailbox size ?


I wonder if anyone can give me tips on how users should reduce the size
of their mailboxes.  I have already that they go through their
attachments from their Sent Items folder and also delete mail from the
Deleted Items folder.  They are doing this but their mailboxes keep
getting bigger.

Many thanks in advance

9/12/2005 10:55:32 AM
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In, <> 
> Hi,
> I wonder if anyone can give me tips on how users should reduce the
> size of their mailboxes.

The same way they'd deal with papers on their desks - you throw it away or 
file it somewhere. They should delete stuff . They can also move relevant 
items to public folders if you set up folders for them there. Don't send 
attachments to co-workers on the same server(s) - tell them where the files 
are to be found in the shared folders on the file server(s).

> I have already that they go through their
> attachments from their Sent Items folder and also delete mail from the
> Deleted Items folder.

They should empty that when Outlook closes anyway, or you should set up 
mailbox manager policies to empty it regularly (for E2k/2003; you don't 
mention your version of Exchange). Use deleted item retention so they can 
get items back for X days. The Deleted Items folder is not a place to keep 
things you "might need later" - it's a wastebasket.

> They are doing this but their mailboxes keep
> getting bigger.

Use mailbox quotas and they'll have to manage this themselves. Set defaults 
on the mail store(s) and set exceptions where needed.
> Many thanks in advance 

lanwench (7567)
9/12/2005 12:23:48 PM
I have set a maximum mailbox size of 450 MB and people are saying that
they need more space.  We are using exchange 2000 with Outlook client.
What would be the best way for them to do this on their own machine ? I
know about Auto-archiving but does this actually reduce the mail that
is on the server ?

Thanks again

9/12/2005 4:35:42 PM

In, <> 
> I have set a maximum mailbox size of 450 MB and people are saying that
> they need more space.

If they can demonstrate a business need to management, give it to them - 
presuming you have Exchange Enterprise, not Standard, the only real limit is 
your disk space & backup/restore capabilities. There's a 16GB limit in 
Standard, and you need to leave some room for deleted item retention. Do the 
math and make sure there is no way you can a) hit the 16GB mark in Standard 
and/or hit your disk space/tape backup limit with what you have. If people 
absolutely need larger mailboxes, and you're near whatever limits you have, 
you will need to invest in software/hardware to handle it. This is a 
management issue more than a technical one, at the end of the day, usually.

> We are using exchange 2000 with Outlook client.

What version? OL2003 makes organizing stuff a lot easier. Search folders, 

> What would be the best way for them to do this on their own machine ?

To do what? Delete items, move them to public folders, remove attachments 
from sent items, etc? The best way is to make sure they are doing daily 
housekeeping. Which they have to do if they have quotas and get near them. 
Everyone should always have a quota, in my opinion, even with Enterprise.

> I know about Auto-archiving but does this actually reduce the mail
> that is on the server ?

It reduces their mailbox size - it doesn't reduce the mail store on the 
server itself.

Public folders are a good thing, and people should be using them. You get 
another 16GB there in Standard. More (see above) in Enterprise.

> Thanks again 

lanwench (7567)
9/13/2005 1:38:10 AM wrote:

> I have set a maximum mailbox size of 450 MB and people are saying that
> they need more space.

Talk to whoever pays for the software and hardware, let them decide if thay
are willing to pay for storage, possibly buy Enterprise version of Exchange
and accept consiquences of longer backups and restores.

>  We are using exchange 2000 with Outlook client.
> What would be the best way for them to do this on their own machine ?

And what is hard disk dies in their machine? Or they move to different
machine? Or archive.pst grows over 2GB?

> I
> know about Auto-archiving but does this actually reduce the mail that
> is on the server ?

Yes, it does.

> Thanks again

Please read for how to make good post.

Text from most dialog boxes can be copied to clipboard with Ctrl-INS.

kpalagin (1838)
9/13/2005 3:55:00 AM

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