SMTP and the routing restrictions confusion

I am confused at the difference between the relay settings that are needed
for my Exchange 5.5 server to send and receive SMTP from other SMTP servers
on the internet and the settings used for POP clients to send mail through
my Exchange server. (i.e. the Reroute incoming SMTP and the routing
restrictions) Seems like that should be a whole separate deal. I have
struggled with this for months and I'm still confused.
Can someone explain this to me please?


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6/28/2004 6:52:33 AM
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"SteveO" <> wrote:

>I am confused at the difference between the relay settings that are needed
>for my Exchange 5.5 server to send and receive SMTP from other SMTP servers
>on the internet and the settings used for POP clients to send mail through
>my Exchange server. (i.e. the Reroute incoming SMTP and the routing
>restrictions) Seems like that should be a whole separate deal. I have
>struggled with this for months and I'm still confused.
>Can someone explain this to me please?
I'll have a go with that one.
Internet Mail Service inbound:
The DNS MX records will direct mail to you based on those records. You
will tell your IMS that you either need to route that mail to
"inbound" or route it to a specific destination. That destination will
typicall be internal. If this is specified, relaying will be allowed
for that destination domain.
IMS Outbound:
Your POP clients will connect via smtp for all mail. What you need to
do for them is to allow the IMS to relay mail for authenticated users,
but not for anonymous attempts (i.e. relayers/spammers who don't have
an NT account at your place)

It does seem a bit confusing at first but it's best not to get all
Faustian with it, keep your brain on a footballers level (shallow)

Mark Arnold MCSA MCSE+M MVP,
mark7219 (5666)
6/28/2004 7:39:48 AM

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