Setting up Exchange to retrieve contact data from external source

Hi all,

I'd like to setup an Exchange server to retrieve data from an external
source.  There are three use-cases, where:

 1. A new contact is created in the external source.  Update exchange.
 2. A contact is deleted in the external source.  Update exchange.
 3. A contact is changed in the external source.  Update exchange.

And updates should only work one way, from the external source to Exchange.
I'm free to select the update protocol and data format, so I was wondering
if you have any suggestions how this could be implemented.


9/9/2004 5:49:12 AM
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On 8 Sep 2004 22:49:12 -0700, (Morten W.
Petersen) wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'd like to setup an Exchange server to retrieve data from an external
>source.  There are three use-cases, where:
> 1. A new contact is created in the external source.  Update exchange.
> 2. A contact is deleted in the external source.  Update exchange.
> 3. A contact is changed in the external source.  Update exchange.
>And updates should only work one way, from the external source to Exchange.
>I'm free to select the update protocol and data format, so I was wondering
>if you have any suggestions how this could be implemented.
Obviously depends on what the external source is, but if it's within
the realm of LDAP then take a look at SimpleSync

mark7219 (5666)
9/9/2004 8:00:54 AM

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