Seperation of Exchange from active directory

Hi all,

we are having active directory integrated exchange server. Due to heavy
load, now we want to seperate active directory and exchange server in 2
diferrent servers. Can any help me how to go about it.

 OS - 2K3 standard
Exchange - 2k3 standard

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2/21/2006 2:20:40 AM
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There is a good KB article for Nuevo's recommendation.  The KB is KB822931

Don't forget to move your FSMO roles, DNS (if needed), etc. if you decide to 
remove the first DC.

Bob Christian II
MVP - LCS  - Blog

"Nuevo" <> wrote in message 
> My recommendation would be to bring in a new server, install Exchange, 
> move your existing mailboxes to the new server, rehome public/system 
> folders and then remove Exchange from the old server.
> Nue
> <> wrote in message 
>> Hi all,
>> we are having active directory integrated exchange server. Due to heavy
>> load, now we want to seperate active directory and exchange server in 2
>> diferrent servers. Can any help me how to go about it.
>> OS - 2K3 standard
>> Exchange - 2k3 standard

BobChristian (293)
2/21/2006 7:44:47 AM

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