Running File Level Virus Scanning on an E2K3 Front-End Server

Would it be fairly safe to install a File Level Virus Scanner (SAV 9.0) on a
Win2K3 E2K3 SP1 Front End server that is only hosting OWA?

There are no databases and the only Exchange related services running are:

HTTP-Service, SMTP-Service, Exchange System Attendant, and Exchange Routing
kcarlini (132)
2/17/2005 5:35:59 PM
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"MR-KEN" <> wrote in

> Would it be fairly safe to install a File Level Virus Scanner (SAV
> 9.0) on a Win2K3 E2K3 SP1 Front End server that is only hosting OWA?

Yes, I wouldn't hesitate. You've heard of the recent problems with 
vanilla 9.0 right?


Arlo Clizer
Exchange MVP
aclizer2311 (412)
2/17/2005 5:52:14 PM
No, I haven't heard.. but then again, I don't use it.
kcarlini (132)
2/17/2005 5:58:57 PM
Found this info... might be useful for you:

Exclude the following folders from both "on-demand" and "memory resident" 
file-level scanners: 

Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) system files in the 
%SystemRoot%\System32\Inetsrv folder.

NOTE: The Exchsrvr\address, Exchsrvr\bin, Exchsrvr\Exchweb, Exchsrvr\Res, 
and the Exchsrvr\Schema folders are generally safte to include in a scan. 
However, you may want to exclude the whole Exchsrvr folder from both 
"on-demand" and "memory resident" file-level scanners. We strongly 
recommended that you temporarily disable file-based scanning software during 
operating system and Exchange upgrades; this includes upgrading to new 
versions of Exchange or the operating system, and applying any Exchange or 
operating system fixes or service packs. 

Also see th MS KB article 

328841: Exchange and antivirus software

Rahul (25)
2/17/2005 6:17:04 PM
Hi Ken,

We can and are also recommended to install some antivirus firewall on our 
Exchange server for some security thoughts. However, you'd better prior to 
contact the antivirus software vendors to see if this firewall is 
compatible with Exchange server. For more information, please refer to:

328841 Exchange and antivirus software

If you find the Exchange server become unstable after installing the 
antivirus software, we can increase the diagnostics logging in ESM to 
monitor virus scanning for further troubleshooting. To do so:

-- Open ESM, open the properties pane of Server
-- Click the Diagnostics Logging tab
-- Select MSExchangeIS/System/Virus Scanning 
-- Click Maximum, and then click Apply. 
-- Open event view to check the error event in application or system log.


Pat Cai
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2/18/2005 8:17:10 AM

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