Restoring data to Exchange

We are trying to restore our exchange data after doing a successful Active 
Directory domain rename. Since Exchange is on a domain controller, we were 
forced to remove it to complete the domain rename. So, we used ntbackup to 
backup all of the data. Now, we are trying to restore the data, but we get 
the following message:
<!-- Begin Message -->
Unable to restore Exchange data to HHNSRVR\Microsoft Information Store\First 
Storage Group,
check the application event log for more information
<!-- End Message -->
As it says, we looked in the event log and found this:
<!-- Begin Message -->
Failed to find a database to restore to from the Microsoft Active Directory.
 Storage Group specified on the backup media is 
 Database specified on backup media is Mailbox Store (HHNSRVR), error is 
<!-- End Message -->
My guess is, since it mentions the Active Directory, it is probally somthing 
to do with the domain rename. So is it possible to still use that backup 
file, or, since we have very few mailboxes, use the data that are on the 
clients'. I am open to anything. Thank you for any response. 
Jimmy2836 (50)
11/6/2006 4:50:01 AM
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Hi there,

The Active Directory domain name won't make a difference, however the 
Exchange Organisation name DOES make a difference.

If this is the case you _can_ use this tool to rename it back to what it 

Or simply uninstall Exchange and re-install.

If using the new Exchange Organisation name is preffered then you will have 
to consider building a recovery server, restore the database to this server, 
export all mailboxes to PST using Exmerge, and then use Exmerge again to 
import your mail data.

Before doing this wait to see if anyone else can contribute to this thread, 
* heads are better than 1 etc.


o.moazzeziNO (822)
11/6/2006 9:29:43 AM

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