Resource mailbox and AutoAccept Agent Exchange 2003


I am hoping osmeone can assist me in configuring a reosurce mailbox
and autoaccept agent.

We are currently running an Exchange 2003 server with Autoaccept
installed and configured.

We have within public folders a subfolder called "bookings" and within
it are the names of our various conference rooms in calendar format.

When someone wantsto book one of the conference rooms, they schedule
it, save and close and get a reply of accept or deny. The public
calendar for this conference room is automatically updated.

This was all configured prior to me starting at the company. Now one
of the conference rooms always replies "declined" instead of "accept"
because it has encountered an unspecified error (gotta love Microsoft,

I have no data of importance in the public calendar that is always
reporting declined, so I would like to create a new public calendar in
the same way as the working calendars for the conference rooms.

Going into Active directory users and computers, I see the related
accounts for the other conference rooms - so I copy the account and
create a new one. I can duplicate everything here except the security
rights (they are inherited for the other resource accounts / mailboxes
but not hte new account) .

I also do not see how the resource account is connected to the public
folder - When I look at the configuration of the other working
resource accounts and public folders for each respective account, the
actual email addresses are differnet.

When I run the autoaccept agent VBscript listmailboxes.vbs for my
exchange server, no mailboxes are listed.

Can anyone help me out here?



budman (3)
2/7/2007 9:44:18 PM
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