Replication of address book takes ages

Hello, I've noticed that when I create new distribution 
lists, create new users or make a change to someone email 
addresses it seems to take days for that to replicate out 
to the users address book. Even when I select to download 
the address book within outlook 2003!

Is there any reason for this?

Thanks in advance

Mike D
anonymous (74722)
7/16/2004 1:42:23 AM
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"Mike D" <> wrote:

>Hello, I've noticed that when I create new distribution 
>lists, create new users or make a change to someone email 
>addresses it seems to take days for that to replicate out 
>to the users address book. Even when I select to download 
>the address book within outlook 2003!
>Is there any reason for this?

We've taken to calling them "SLOW-main" controllers! :)

If the information in each of the DC's is up to date, but the Offline
Address Book is not updated, then what's the schedule you've assigned
to the OAB generation? And how many replicas of the OAB do you have?
And are all the OAB folders replicated to the same set of PF stores?

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
7/19/2004 12:16:13 AM

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