Relay Problem #3

My exchange 5.5 SP4 server is/was an open relay.  I went 
in and told it to never reroute smtp mail, and now none 
of my email boxes can get mail delivered to it.  What 
should I do?
anonymous (74740)
4/23/2004 7:13:57 PM
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One of my clients running Exchange 5.5 was running a Open Relay.  You can tell this by opening up and telneting into port 25 and seeing if you can send mail through that port.  If you get a blocked message you are not running an open relay, if you can relay a message through your exchange server then I followed a webpage on microsoft on securing exchange 5.5.  I remember that it had to do with locking down who you allow instead of anonymous access.  I recommend checking to see if you are running an open relay first before attempting to lock it down, otherwise if noone comes up with an answer there is information on to help you with this and I will try to find it again if I can

Hope this helps


     ----- Jason wrote: ----
     My exchange 5.5 SP4 server is/was an open relay.  I went
     in and told it to never reroute smtp mail, and now none
     of my email boxes can get mail delivered to it.  What
     should I do
anonymous (74740)
4/23/2004 7:36:04 PM
Undo what you changed, and see

Jason wrote:
> My exchange 5.5 SP4 server is/was an open relay.  I went
> in and told it to never reroute smtp mail, and now none
> of my email boxes can get mail delivered to it.  What
> should I do?

lanwench (7567)
4/24/2004 12:31:48 PM

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