Questing about exchange 2000 server

My company recently had it's T1 internet connection cut so therefore, our
exchange 2000 server couldn't receive email.  We spoke to another company,
X, that agreed to let us dial in, using an ISDN line, to their system to
grab a static ip.  They've called up our registrar, Network Solutions ,and
added two of their own nameservers.  They've also assigned 10 as
the mx record.

So now, all our mails goes to their linux email server, where spam and virus
filtering takes place, then gets forwarded to our exchange 2000 server.

We are now getting a T1 line from verizon with a static ip address.  We want
to be able to receive the mails directly from the internet, to our exchange
2000 box, and just skip the whole company X process.

What would we have to do to accomplish this?  Also, what kind of
filtering/virus program should we set up on the box?

We also have another exchange 2000 box, at a different location, that
replicates the AD.  This box is no longer working because the two boxes were
linked to each other through a point to point line.  We will also be getting
a point to point line from verizon, which will connect the two offices.  The
problem is, the secondary exchange 2000 box kept the mailboxes of people
that works in that location.  What we had to do was, since we couldn't move
the mail boxes over to the primary exchange box, we had to remove exchange
attributes off the primary exchange for people in the second office and
recreate those profiles as well as create their mailboxes, so that the
primary exchange box could store their mailboxes.

Will there be a problem when the point to point line gets dropped in, since
the secondary exchange still is set up to store the second office mailboxes?
Should I just remove those users off the second exchange before bringing it
back online so that it could start replicating to correct this problem?

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8/25/2004 3:16:01 PM
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