Problems Updating Exchange 5.5

Exchange 5.5 SP4 will not allow update rollup for Exchange server 5.5
to be installed. The error is "This system does not have version
number 2653. Instead, the version reported is 1960."   Exchange admin
shows the version to be 2653.23. Store.exe is version 2653.23.
Why would the update rollup think we have a pre-service pack 1 version
of Exchange?

Any Ideas?

fjleiter (1)
4/30/2007 11:07:27 AM
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On 30 Apr 2007 04:07:27 -0700, wrote:

>Exchange 5.5 SP4 will not allow update rollup for Exchange server 5.5
>to be installed. The error is "This system does not have version
>number 2653. Instead, the version reported is 1960."   Exchange admin
>shows the version to be 2653.23. Store.exe is version 2653.23.
>Why would the update rollup think we have a pre-service pack 1 version
>of Exchange?
>Any Ideas?

It could be :

the SP4 update didnt complete correctly and it needs to be re-applied.
3rd party software interfering ( Stop any and try again)
or simply a reboot to fix it.

adavid (8731)
4/30/2007 12:20:27 PM

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