priv1.edb question


Should the priv1.edb be updated constantly or is it once in awhile?

I'm showing the last update is Jan 20, 2006, but the E000*.log files are

R Green

1/24/2006 5:16:12 PM
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It's written to all the time.  The metadata doesn't get updated until you 
close the file.

Dismount and mount your store and you'll notice that it updated.  Of course, 
your users will notice that you dismounted and mounted the store.  I usually 
disable lastaccessupdates on an Exchange Server anyway.  I know that the 
system account, in the context of which the store.exe process runs, will be 
constantly accessing the file.  For the smtp directories and log 
directories, where files do get opened and closed more frequently, turning 
them off can improve performance.  Turning off 8.3 name support is yet 
another potential perfromance tweak.

"R Green" <[news}> wrote in message
> Hi
> Should the priv1.edb be updated constantly or is it once in awhile?
> I'm showing the last update is Jan 20, 2006, but the E000*.log files are
> up-to-date.
> R Green

fullbrij1 (373)
1/24/2006 5:24:33 PM

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