Permission messed up after moving mailboxes between servers

All of our  mailboxes were on an Exchange 2000 server built on a
Windows 2000 server, which was also a DC before.  Recently we setup a
new server (Windows 2003 + Exchange 2003) and move all mailboxes to the
new server.  Except adding this Win2K3 server into our Win2K domain as
member server, there is no other change on the domain.

After the big move, almost everything worked as before except that I no
longer have permission to open other user's mailboxes.

Nothing about my security has been changed, I was a member of the
following security groups and it was like that for a long time:

- Account Operators
- Backup Operators
- Domain Admins
- Enterprise Admins

I wonder what made it possible for me to open all user's mailbox
BEFORE, and what needs to be done RIGHT NOW for me to have that
permission again, and why is that?

achen2002 (49)
12/8/2005 4:36:09 PM
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Just some additional info:

When I open Exchange System Manager, right click on the Mailbox Store
on the new server, go into "Properties" and the "Security" tab -- By
default, "the "Domain Admins" group has all boxes checked except "Full
Control"; the "Enterprise Admins" has all boxes checked.

I do not really want to add my name into there because I didn't have to
do that in Exchange 2003, and I am already a member of groups that HAVE
permission to access that...

achen2002 (49)
12/8/2005 4:50:40 PM

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