OWA questions #2

A couple of questions I am having problems find the answers to:

1. Is there an easy way to change OWA to be at http://localhost instead of http://localhost/exchange

2. Is there an easy way to change OWA so that the domain name is not required when logging on (as though it is automatically passed)?

3. Are there any good, free, mailbox-to-web archivers out there?

Thanks in advance
egedra (1)
6/22/2004 1:24:02 PM
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1. There are a few ways to have it where users type in http://<server>/, 
and get redirected to http://<server>/exchange.  The easiest way is to do a 
redirection through the IIS console.  The following assumes Windows 2003.  
Even if you're using Windows 2000, it will be similar(just a few change of 
words, but same options/steps).

a. Open the IIS console(Start -- Programs -- Administration Tools -- 
Internet Services Manager).
b. Go to the properties of the Default Web Site(DWS).
c. Go to the Home Directory tab.
d. Choose the "A redirection to a URL" option.
e. In the "Redirect to" field, put "/exchange" (w/o the quotes).
f. Put a check in the "A directory below URL entered".
g. Stop and restart the DWS.

2. In order to not have to put in the domain, you need to give the Basic 
authentication settings, for the Exchange & Public virtual directories, a 
default domain name(internal netbios domain name).  The authentication 
settings of all Exchange servers(front-end and back-end) should be as 

Note: Remove all authentications settings, except those listed below.

ESM = Set in Exchange System Manager
IIS = Set in the IIS console

Exchange & Public(ESM): Basic(w/ Default Domain = <internal netbios name of 
your domain>)
Exchweb & all subdirectories(IIS): Anonymous or Basic(w/ Default Domain = 
<internal netbios name of your domain>)

3. Not that we know of.

From: Kevyn Pietsch[MSFT]

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6/25/2004 10:06:43 PM

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