OWA 2003 An Unknown Error Happened


When I attempt to create, reply or forward to a message in OWA 2003, the appropriate
window opens, but is blue/grey in color, and contains only this text, centered in the

! An unknown error happened.

The exclamation point is dark red, the text is black.

I've dumped the client browser cache, removed all unnecessary controls in
"C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files", and rebooted the system.  I've cleared the SSL
state.  I've reset the browser advanced settings.

The problem persists.  Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Tim ==
(substitute 'tcsys.com' for  'nospam.co.uk')

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tim9515 (4)
7/9/2004 1:10:41 AM
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On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 20:10:41 -0500, Timothy J. Trace <tim@tcsys.nospam.co.uk> wrote:

>! An unknown error happened.

In my environment, installing EX2K3 SP1 cured this problem.  YMMV.
tim9515 (4)
7/9/2004 5:54:44 AM
On Fri, 09 Jul 2004 00:54:44 -0500, Timothy J. Trace <tim@tcsys.nospam.co.uk> wrote:

>In my environment, installing EX2K3 SP1 cured this problem.  YMMV.

The problem has returned and I did nothing.  I was in bed for 6 hours, then checked my
mail and tried to compose a new message.  "! An unknown error happened."

I've repeated my client-cleansing steps from my previous post, and the problem persists.

I've bounced the MSA and the IS, and IIS.  No luck.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this situation?


Tim ==
tim9515 (4)
7/9/2004 2:28:22 PM
On Fri, 09 Jul 2004 09:28:22 -0500, Timothy J. Trace <tim@tcsys.nospam.co.uk> wrote:

>The problem has returned and I did nothing.  I was in bed for 6 hours, then checked my
>mail and tried to compose a new message.  "! An unknown error happened."

I've isolated the problem to a single client computer.  As luck would have it, it's my
personal notebook.  :->

I've since reapplied XP-SP1.  I've reinstalled IE6 from the original XP media, and
reapplied the patches.  Still no luck.

I'm really hoping that one of my fellow Exchange admins has seen this behaviour before...?
Reloading this notebook just to solve an OWA problem is a huge PITA.


Tim ==
tim9515 (4)
7/11/2004 3:07:29 AM

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