Outlook 2003 "OFFLINE" issue.


Since we upgraded the Exchange 2003 to SP2, some of our users encountered an 
issue where their Outlook client 2003 were "Offline" by itself. The users 
need to manually uncheck the "Work Offline" to reconnect the server. As far 
as i know, if there is a network issue, it should be "Disconnected", I did 
simulate this by unplug the network cable.

Is there any issue with SP2 ? Please help...



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10/11/2006 8:33:46 AM
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I am having the same problem.  At first I thought it was a windows thing with 
a SID and the domain but now I think it is Outlook and some problem with the 
Exchange server.  Did you find anything out?  I wonder if cached mode has 
anything to do with it.  Does anyone out there have any ideas?

"Zul J" wrote:

> Hi,
> Since we upgraded the Exchange 2003 to SP2, some of our users encountered an 
> issue where their Outlook client 2003 were "Offline" by itself. The users 
> need to manually uncheck the "Work Offline" to reconnect the server. As far 
> as i know, if there is a network issue, it should be "Disconnected", I did 
> simulate this by unplug the network cable.
> Is there any issue with SP2 ? Please help...
> Thanks.
> Rgrds,
> Zul
Jamie (81)
11/9/2006 11:50:02 PM

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