Outgoing SMTP Problem #2

I am experiencing problems sending to certain domains on new Exchange 
2003 Server installation running on 2003 Server (PDC and DNS Server).

I have had similar problems on the previous setup running Exchange 2000 
on 2000 and 2003 Server where outgoing SMTP did not fail over to the 
next lower priority MX record of the recipient's domain. This was a 
known issue and a hotfix was available.

A test SMTP connection to a recipients primary mail host did in fact 
fail whereas the third highest accepted mail. Creating an SMTP connector 
for this domain to that host solved the problem.

However, mail also fails to a few domains that only have a single MX 
record which is available and accepts mail (tested via tenet on port 25).

SMTPdiag.exe sees to hand (or take a lot of time) at "checking SOA for 


Outgoing SMTP is not using external DNS servers (neither is 
specified as external DNS server - is there a problem leaving this blank?).

Any ideas?

3/27/2006 8:02:52 PM
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On 3/27/06 3:02 PM Florian Feuser /FFF/  wrote:
> I am experiencing problems sending to certain domains on new Exchange 
> 2003 Server installation running on 2003 Server (PDC and DNS Server).
> I have had similar problems on the previous setup running Exchange 
> 2000  on 2000 and 2003 Server where outgoing SMTP did not fail over to 
> the  next lower priority MX record of the recipient's domain. This was 
> a  known issue and a hotfix was available.

The issue persists - my workaround is sending mail through OS X server (
Postfix SMTP) on our network set up in the default Exchange Connectors 
for outgoing SMTP as a smart host.

Obviously this is a workaround - if I cannot find a solution to this 
before my trial period expires it will be difficult to justify 
purchasing the license for Exchange 2003.

I am experimenting with another virtual SMTP server purely for testing 
which uses its own Connector configured to use DNS to route outgoing 

Am I the only one with this issue under Exchange 2003SP3/Windows 2003 

3/28/2006 6:47:14 PM

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