Orphaned Exchange 5.5 Objects

Hi All,

I'm having an Exchange 5.5 orphaned object problem.
I've managed to re-create the problem in a test environment, which is a step
in the right direction :)

I have a single exchange organisation consisting of 2 sites, each site has 
a single exchange server.  These are connected with an x.400 connectors, with
a directory connector running over the top of this.

I have created a level public folder which an instance of which is 
replicated to the other site. This folder exists in the public information 
store on both sites.

Each of the sites then creates sub folders under this top level folder.  
Instances of these folders are not replicated to the other sites.  The 
existance of the folders from
the other sites is replicated to the pub.edb on the others site, so an entry 
for these
folders appears in the public folders for each site.  

When attempting to access the properties of the public folders that do not 
exist on the local public information store I get the following error.  
80004005-0507-00000000.  I guess that this tells me that the folder has not 
been replicated to the information store at the local site ?

If I attempt to get the raw properties of the object there are no problems.  
I suspect that this is because the raw properties come from the directory, is 
this the case ?  If so does this mean that the non-raw properties of the 
object come from the information store rather than the directory ?

If one of the servers is taken off-line without cleanly closind down the 
between the sites, how can the non local public folders be removed from the 
public folder hierachy on the other server ?


Paul297 (622)
6/21/2005 3:34:03 PM
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