OAB issue #2

Can you help me in fixing the 2 errors related to  Offline address book. 

OALGen will skip user entry 'user1,test' in address list '\Global Address 
List' because the legacyExchangeDN 'ADCSuppressReplication' is invalid. 
- ABC Offline Address List 

Entry 'user2,test' has invalid or expired e-mail certificates.  These 
certificates will not be included in the offline address list for '\Global 
Address List'.   
- ABC Offline Address List 
Vinod Kumar
Vinod1 (29)
3/28/2007 1:42:26 AM
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Expired certs are fine and you dont need to worry about them. For the users 
that are being skipped see this blog: 

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Download OABInteg from here: 

"Vinod" <Vinod@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Hello,
> Can you help me in fixing the 2 errors related to  Offline address book.
> OALGen will skip user entry 'user1,test' in address list '\Global Address
> List' because the legacyExchangeDN 'ADCSuppressReplication' is invalid.
> - ABC Offline Address List
> Entry 'user2,test' has invalid or expired e-mail certificates.  These
> certificates will not be included in the offline address list for '\Global
> Address List'.
> - ABC Offline Address List
> -- 
> Vinod Kumar 

Dgoldman9268 (137)
3/28/2007 3:03:25 AM

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