new string started on PF contact folder issue

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my

I wanted to clear the air on my original message, I
think it had some confusing/incorrect syntax.

As I re-read my post, it doesn't make sense, so I'll

Forget all the references to the GAL as in my 1st

When the SBS server user creates a PF containg contact
items, by default the properties/OAB tab/'show this
folder as an email address list' ISN'T ticked.

When he does tick it on the server-side, the Outlook
2003 clients open a new email clicks on To: and in the
address lists available, the newly created PF contact
list doesn't show up on their available address list
choices.They need to manually tick the OAB tab to show the PF contact 
address list.

When I do the same thing on my ex2003 enterprise
server, the OAB 'show folder...'IS TICKED by default
and the clients see the PF contact folder as a choice
for address lists.

Did I make the issue clearer?

Thanks Alot!
Mike Bonvie

In news:OpeMt%23haFHA.3488@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl,
Mike Bonvie <> typed:
> Hi,
> I have a client whose running EX2003 on SBS.
> When they create a public folder in Outlook 2003 containing contact
> items, by default it's not showing up on the GAL as an email address
> book.

Because it isn't part of Active Directory, it's a MAPI contacts
won't show up as any kind of address book by default. (NB: there really
isn't a GAL anymore - that's an E5.x thing - but most people who still use
the term mean, Active Directory)
> The Outlook 2003 clients need to right click on the PF/properties/OAB
> tab and tick 'show folder as an email address book'
> I have an EX2003 (Enterprise) lab, when I create a new PF containing
> contact items via outlook it automatically shows up on the GAL.

> Has anyone else ever experienced this issue?

No - I have never seen this happen and it doesn't make any sense. Unless
you've specifically added a contacts folder as an address book, it can't
show up in Outlook as an address book - true in all versions of Exchange.
Are you 100% sure about this? Can you reproduce it? Using any third party
add-ons that might be affecting this?

> Thank You All,
> Mike Bonvie

mike6689 (5)
6/8/2005 11:50:02 AM
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