NDR's Post Org to Org migration

I am involved in a org to org migration. Since the merger the 2
companies were using the Galsynch part of MIIS to create contact
objects for newly created mailbox accounts in each domain in the
opposite domain.  This was turned off just recently and now contacts
are created manually on each side as the new user count is very small.

Each domain shares the same domain name: @company.com
Recipient policy on Domain/Org A creates a user@company.com and
user@company.local SMTP address for mailboxes created on the Org

Recipient policy on Domain/Org B creates a user@company.com and
user@company.local SMTP address for mailboxes created on the Org for
contacts created on the Org


Mailbox user1 in Domain/Org A sends mail to mailbox user2 in Domain/
Org A
Mailbox user1 is migrated to Domain/OrgB

Mailbox user2 replies to an old email from Mailbox user1
Mailbox user2 gets the following error:

Subject: Undeliverable: Delivery failure (IMCEAex-

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.


The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

4/10/2007 10:30 AM

Mailbox user 2's outlook cache on the old message has: /O=COMPANY/

Solutions tried:
Added x.500 address to Mailbox User1's new contact in Domain/Org A
that matches that listed in Mailbox user2 outlook cache for user1.
Didn't stop the same NDR message so removed the newly added address.

Added x.500 address in Mailbox user1's new contact in Domain/Org A
that matches that listed in the NDR.

Still getting NDR's, removed the newly added address

Any help would be greatly appreciated

gmosedale (4)
4/10/2007 7:55:14 PM
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