Multiple Exchange SMTP virtual servers

We have a problem with an unstable link between 2 of our Exchange 2000
SP3 servers and would like to extend the timeouts for messages
transmitted across this connection.  We would  like to try using a
secondary smtp virtual server to achieve this but we are having some
issues with this.

Our Exchange network setup is as follows

There are 5 routing routing groups UK-HUB, HKG-HUB, SINGAPORE, TOKYO,

There are the routing group connectors (RGC) UK-HUB to/from HKG-HUB,
HKG-HUB to/from SINGAPORE, HKG-HUB to/from TOKYO and HKG-HUB to/from

All RGC have cost of 1

HKG to HCM has unstable link, all other links are reliable

UK-HUB server transfers messages to SINGAPORE, TOKYO, HCM via HKG-HUB.

HKG-HUB default smtp virtual server ip addr port 25 
HKG-HUB second smtp virtual server ip addr port 8088 

HKG-HUB to HCM routing group connector is set to send messages over
HKG-HUB second virtual server, all other routing connectors are set to
send over the HKG-HUB default virtual server.

The problem is when i attempt to send messages to HCM they failed and
I am returned a error which reads
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

HCMTRAIN5 on 23/11/2004 15:42

A configuration error in the e-mail system caused the message to
bounce between two servers or to be forwarded between two recipients.

When I look at the queues for the second virtual server I can see
queues for the other routing groups SINGAPORE and TOKYO.  How do I
restrict HCM to be only permitted to use the secondary virtual server?
 All other messages should be routed through the default virtual

How do mulitple virtual servers work?  Would I be right in thinking
that the HKG-HUB default virtual server receives the messages on port
25 then sends them to the HKG-HUB second smtp virtual server via port
8088.  The second virtual server would use port 8088 to transfer to

Would I be correct in using a second virtual server to handle
extending timeout of messages?
11/24/2004 12:14:28 PM
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