MAPI Error..

Hi, I need some guidance for solving the below 2 error messages.

The application log keep showing the error messages below when I have
agent scripting firing in the public folder of my outlook. I really
have no clue how to resolve these problems and what causes these
problems. Please help.
Thank you.

Source: MSExchangeES
Event ID:5
Description: An unexpected MAPI error occured. Error returned was

Event ID:15
Description 0x80004005 occured while trying to run a timer-based agent
jacyline (2)
6/14/2004 1:09:09 AM
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In the last exciting episode, (Jacyline) wrote:

>Hi, I need some guidance for solving the below 2 error messages.
>The application log keep showing the error messages below when I have
>agent scripting firing in the public folder of my outlook. I really
>have no clue how to resolve these problems and what causes these
>problems. Please help.
>Thank you.
>Source: MSExchangeES
>Event ID:5
>Description: An unexpected MAPI error occured. Error returned was
>Event ID:15
>Description 0x80004005 occured while trying to run a timer-based agent

6/14/2004 1:16:59 AM
Thanks Chris for the site.
I did try to delete the instances of the EventConfig_servername
folder, and then restart the Event Service eventhough i have only one
instance, but the result is still the same when I include scripts for
my agent. Can you guide me other alternative way to solve this? i have
been stuck with this problem for a week. Really have no clue how to
proceed my work from here. Thanks again.
jacyline (2)
6/14/2004 1:24:37 PM

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