Mailbox Management

I have created a Recipiant Policy - Mailbox Management with the filter an
When starting the Mailbox management process and its done I can see that 4 other mailboxes are also running this policy. In the log I can see that these mailboxes are using 'Default Policy' and then all folders are listed
The Default Policy is used to create addresses for new users and the Mailbox Management is not marked
Any ideas about this

anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 11:11:03 AM
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Hello Stefan

I dont even fully understand you question, how many policies do you have and what are they intented to do ... what 4 other mailboxes ???

I suppose you create a Mailbox Management policy that will be used for a single user ??

Just note that the "mail" is the Field "E-mail" visible in the General tab of user properties (aka not enforced unique

When you created your Mailbox Management Policy, the search result, did that give back the correct user(s) ?

Make sure you used the correct LDAP filte
for example for a single user
(&(objectClass=person)(sAMAccountName=<Value of Pre Windows 2000 Logon UserName>)
Or use the attribute userPrincipalName, but use something that is guranteed to be unique .


anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 11:46:01 AM
Its only one policy for this job  and the filter gives me the mailbox i want (When using the Find Now
So the log should only report one mailbox that was processed
When I get the report it tells me that 5 mailboxes were processed?!
and when you verify the log, you can see that only the mailbox specified in policy was initiated by that policy, the other 4 mailboxes was initiated by 'Default Policy'?!? and still the report shows me folder status for all of them..
The default policy is a standard address policy..
Very weird...
anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 12:01:04 PM
Hello Stefan

Very weird indeed .... I just verified these settings in my environment and everything works fine ... I'm using E2K SP 3 on W2 SP4 ... Maybe looking at the attributes of the Default Policy through LDAP might turn something up ????

Is it the standard Default Policy or did you delete it at some time and recreate it 

Kinda interested in the solution, so if you resolve this matter, can you let me know


anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 1:21:03 PM
Its the original 'Default Policy', just changed the smtp address to
I let you know if I find the reason for this...
anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 1:31:09 PM

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