Lost mail after mailbox move - possibly Entourage problem

I have the following issue.

I have two exchange 2003 advanced servers - an old one and a new one and am 
in the process of moving mailboxes between the two.

I moved a whole storage group of Outlook users to the new one the other 
night. All was OK, Outlook picked up the new server and adjusted itself as 

Unbeknown to me one user also uses Entourage on a Mac, having both Mac and 
PC Outlook logged into the same account at the same time.

Surprisingly Entourage seemed to continue to operate, I would have thought 
it would not connect to the new server but it seemed to manage.

The following morning mail would come into the inbox in Outlook then 
disappear within a few secs. Sometimes it would hang around for longer. Also 
many subfolders under inbox are now empty, along with sent items.

There is another strange thing happening - there is an inbox and an inbox 
(1) as well as two outboxes, sent items, calendar etc.

I have moved this mailbox back to the original server but the problem 
I set up a rule on the PC to copy all incoming mail to a copiedmail folder 
and this seems to be working fine, saving any news mails.

I have stopped the problem happening by changing the users password causing 
Entourage to error when connecting to Exchange.

My immediate problem is locating the missing mail. I cannot see it within 
any folders in Outlook or Entourage or deleted items or recover deleted items.

Anyone any ideas or explanation.
I have no brick level backups but have full backups (140GB !) which will 
take me all night to restore.
8/17/2006 11:31:02 AM
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