Legal archiving for a group of users

I have a situation for legal reasons that i have to 
archive all communications for a group of users. I need 
to know how I can setup an Archive with either creating a 
seperate storage group for the users or installing some 
3rd party solution. I've just never had a situation like 
this and need to know what my options are for doing such 
a task. Thanks in advance for anyone that might respond
12/11/2003 4:46:35 PM
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In article <00b801c3c006$571470c0$a301280a@phx.gbl>,
 "Linnie Gooch" <> wrote:

> I have a situation for legal reasons that i have to 
> archive all communications for a group of users. I need 
> to know how I can setup an Archive with either creating a 
> seperate storage group for the users or installing some 
> 3rd party solution. I've just never had a situation like 
> this and need to know what my options are for doing such 
> a task. Thanks in advance for anyone that might respond

Your options are pretty straightforward:

1. Turn on message journaling, then move all those users to a separate 

2. Install a third-party product like CommVault Galaxy or KVS.


Paul Robichaux <>
MVP - Exchange
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paulr1 (34)
12/11/2003 7:49:43 PM

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