installing Outlook 2003 using GPO

I just installed Outlook 2003 client on some computers and have many
more to go. I would like to push Outlook to the rest using GPO. How
can this be done? We also just upgraded to 2003 server.

4/29/2007 1:28:26 PM
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On 29 Apr 2007 06:28:26 -0700, check <> wrote:

>I just installed Outlook 2003 client on some computers and have many
>more to go. I would like to push Outlook to the rest using GPO. How
>can this be done? We also just upgraded to 2003 server.

I would look at  using the Office Resource Kit

adavid (8731)
4/29/2007 1:49:45 PM
Assuming you are running Active Directory, it is pretty straightforward.  

The first thing you will need to do, is create an Administrative 
Installation point for Outlook 2003.  You do this by running Outlook 2003 
setup, with /a (setup.exe /a).  It will prompt you for a share location, 

Once that is done, you create a GPO, and create a software package on the 
Computer Settings section.  When creating the package, it will prompt you for 
the share location, that was created during the Administrative Installation.

Then you apply this GPO.  I actually create a new OU in Active Directory, 
and put all my computer accounts in there, and then apply the GPO to that OU 
only.  That prevents software from being pushed out to my servers, etc.

The following links should help:

Microsoft support article for deploying a certain MSI update, but you can 
use the same steps for Outlook:

Once you have the GPO setup and running, I would test it on one or two 
machines first, before adding others.  Drop to command line on the PC's, and 

gpupdate /force

It should ask you to restart the computer, to process the computer settings. 
 On PC restart, you will see Outlook get installed.  If it doesn't ask to 
restart, run the gpupdate command again (sometimes I have had to run the 
command a couple of times to get the PC to see the changes).

"check" wrote:

> I just installed Outlook 2003 client on some computers and have many
> more to go. I would like to push Outlook to the rest using GPO. How
> can this be done? We also just upgraded to 2003 server.
Hutch (55)
4/30/2007 2:22:03 PM

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