IMF and mixed Exchange environment

I have a front end server running E2k3 and two back end 
servers, one running E2k3 and the other running E2k.  Can 
I install IMF without impacting mailboxes on the E2k mail 
amoon (1)
6/9/2004 6:46:06 PM
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As it was described in the IMF deployment whitepaper (see, IMF can implement several levels of 

If you choose to apply filtering at the gateway level, it will not pass 
beyond IMF and both 2k and 2k3 servers the same way.

If you choose to rely on store filtering, e2k will not understand 
anything about those and let the messages into Inbox as-is, while e2k3 
sp1 store will move them to junk mail folder depending on the settings 
you've configured.

Net of it is that e2k mailboxes will only benefit from gateway level 
filtering. Read the deployment guide, it has all these details.



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"Andy Moon" <> wrote in message 
> I have a front end server running E2k3 and two back end
> servers, one running E2k3 and the other running E2k.  Can
> I install IMF without impacting mailboxes on the E2k mail
> server?

barise (94)
6/10/2004 5:00:19 AM

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