How to control user configuration of Outlook?

I am using Exchange 2003 with the users operating on Office 2000 Premium.  I 
have several settings that I want enforced in Outlook such as disabling the 
preview pane, not allowing changes to the background of email, and not 
allowing text and font changes.  Is there a way to enforce this in a group 
policy type situation?  I have looked in the System Manager in Exchange but 
cannont find anything allowing me to setup what a user can, and cannot change 
in Outlook.  Help! 
David4882 (672)
6/17/2005 4:25:03 PM
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Exchange Server has no way to control Outlook settings.  However, different 
versions of Office have ADM templates (admin templates) for use with Active 
Directory 2000/2003 group policies.  Look for the Office Resource Kit for 
Office 2000, these are on Microsoft's web site, but it will take some 
digging to find them.  Install them and look for a series of files with an 
extension of ADM.  If you create a group policy, you can add these to the 
Administrative Templates section.  Office XP and Office 2003 have some 
pretty comprehensive GPO settings, I'm not sure if you can disable the 
template on the earlier versions of the GPO ADM templates or not.   Here are 
a couple of links that might help you:

Jim McBee

"David" <> wrote in message
>I am using Exchange 2003 with the users operating on Office 2000 Premium. 
> have several settings that I want enforced in Outlook such as disabling 
> the
> preview pane, not allowing changes to the background of email, and not
> allowing text and font changes.  Is there a way to enforce this in a group
> policy type situation?  I have looked in the System Manager in Exchange 
> but
> cannont find anything allowing me to setup what a user can, and cannot 
> change
> in Outlook.  Help! 

jmcbee9404 (625)
6/17/2005 6:21:12 PM
You can turn off the preview pane with a registry setting (KB832561).  Other 
than that, you should check out Active Directory group policies.  You'll need 
to add the Outlook.adm template to get the policies for Outlook, however.  
You can find the .amd templates in the Microsoft Office resource kit...

"David" wrote:

> I am using Exchange 2003 with the users operating on Office 2000 Premium.  I 
> have several settings that I want enforced in Outlook such as disabling the 
> preview pane, not allowing changes to the background of email, and not 
> allowing text and font changes.  Is there a way to enforce this in a group 
> policy type situation?  I have looked in the System Manager in Exchange but 
> cannont find anything allowing me to setup what a user can, and cannot change 
> in Outlook.  Help! 
SilverICE (243)
6/17/2005 8:16:09 PM

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