How do I setup a recovery server and do the recovery?

How do I setup he recovery server?

I have a spare 2003 server box, do I just put exchange server on to that and 
restore the database file into the mdsdata directory and then run integrity 
tools? Does it have to be the same organization or can it be a stand alone


2/26/2007 2:11:21 AM
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Are you trying to rebuild a server to get it back online?  Or are you trying 
to restore a database to get some data out of it.  If you are trying to 
restore a database, try restoring to a recovery storage group.  If you are 
just doing test restorations or testing D/R procedures, you do NOT want to 
put the recovery server in the same Active Directory forest.  You need to 
build a new AD forest for the recovery server.  Take a look at the E2K3 D/R 
Operations Guide.

Jim McBee
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"Christopher C> Welber" <> wrote in message 
> How do I setup he recovery server?
> I have a spare 2003 server box, do I just put exchange server on to that 
> and restore the database file into the mdsdata directory and then run 
> integrity tools? Does it have to be the same organization or can it be a 
> stand alone
> server.
> Thanks.

jmcbee9404 (625)
2/26/2007 3:00:43 AM

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