Hide some contacts in GAL but show them in address list?


I have created an address list and with an appropriate filter to show the
contacts I want, however I want to hide these same contacts in the GAL, is
this possible?

Any help appreciated,

Regards  John

john9554 (15)
2/12/2004 12:45:23 PM
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You would need to setup another GAL (custom ldap query) and restrict rights
on the Default GAL for the people who you don't want to see these objects.

Another option would be to put the contacts in a Public Folder and setup
that folder to be in the Personal Address Book on the clients that need it.

Hope that helps,
Dan Townsend

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"John Whittingstall" <john@nospam.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have created an address list and with an appropriate filter to show the
> contacts I want, however I want to hide these same contacts in the GAL, is
> this possible?
> Any help appreciated,
> Regards  John

dtown (976)
2/13/2004 8:15:45 AM

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