Global distribution List Not Appearing in Outlook Global Selections list

I have created a global list in AD in Server 2003 ( using Exchange 2003) and 
assigned my users. For some reason the list is not showing in the Outlook 
client global address list.  I have compared this list to others i have 
created in the past and cannot spot any differences. What am I missing? 

rmorton (7)
2/16/2007 6:24:05 PM
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1. Have you got it hidden from the GAL?
2. Using cached Exchange mode? Therefore requiring a rebuild of the OAB to 
see it?


o.moazzeziNO (822)
2/16/2007 6:32:23 PM
On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:24:05 -0500, "rlm" <> wrote:

>I have created a global list in AD in Server 2003 ( using Exchange 2003) and 
>assigned my users. For some reason the list is not showing in the Outlook 
>client global address list.  I have compared this list to others i have 
>created in the past and cannot spot any differences. What am I missing? 

1. Is it stamped with a SMTP address?
2. Is it visible in the GAL?
3. Can you see it using Outlook in online mode and not cache mode?
4. Has the OAB built rebuilt on the server to allow viewing in Outlook
cache mode?
adavid (8731)
2/16/2007 10:21:04 PM

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