global catalog connections

lately we are experiencing slow outlook start ups

investigating this I noticed thru the connection status that outlook is 
always connecting to an offsite DC instead of the DC in the same site 
or the DC at the site of the XC server

our setup is an HQ office with the datacenter holding one XC server and 
two GC servers + a number of branch offices each holding a GC server

XC server is 2k7SP1, Outlook clients are all 2k7SP2

what could be the reason of outlook using an offsite GC?

I already checked SPN entries (exchangeAB/server) and updated the 
missing ones


12/16/2009 8:48:20 AM
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On Wed, 16 Dec 2009 09:48:20 +0100, chriske911
<> wrote:

>lately we are experiencing slow outlook start ups
>investigating this I noticed thru the connection status that outlook is 
>always connecting to an offsite DC instead of the DC in the same site 
>or the DC at the site of the XC server
>our setup is an HQ office with the datacenter holding one XC server and 
>two GC servers + a number of branch offices each holding a GC server
>XC server is 2k7SP1, Outlook clients are all 2k7SP2
>what could be the reason of outlook using an offsite GC?

The "local" dc is slow to respond.

Try using this to instruct Outlook to use the closest GC:
Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
12/16/2009 3:42:32 PM

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